MedCalc 3000 Mobile Edition
Guide for Installation and Use on Windows Mobile Devices


MedCalc 3000, the most popular web based medical calculator is now available in a version compatible with Windows Mobile devices (SmartPhones.) In this guide we will show you how to install and use this version of the system. MedCalc 3000 Mobile Edition It is entirely HTML/JavaScript based, and runs inside the Internet Explorer program included with Windows Mobile devices.

System Requirements

You will need to be sure you have Internet Explorer on your Mobile device, and you will use your PC workstation and Active Sync program to transfer MedCalc 3000 into your Mobile device. JavaScriptfunctionality must be enabled on your Mobile device Internet Explorer, and this is the default situation on most devices.

Obtaining the Software

The Mobile version of MedCalc 3000 is available for download from the MedCalc 3000 homepage in the form of a single ZIP file. Subscribers can click here to get this file, To open the file, you must use a ZIP file utilty. Such utilities are commonly found on most PC's. On Windows workstations, we highly recommend the ZIP utility called WinZip for its ease of use, reliability and availability. If you need to learn more about getting or using WinZip, please see our WinZip tutorial for details.

Below are the detailed steps to help you install MedCalc 3000 on your Windows Mobile device:

The first step is to open the zip file with WinZip using the "Open" button:

Next, you will see all the files packed inside the zip file:

You then choose to extract ALL the files to a new directory called MedCalc3000 (you type the "MedCalc3000" directory name as a new directory on your PC.)

Once all the files are in your MedCalc3000 directory, you may connect your Mobile device to your PC. This should cause ActiveSync to start automatically:

Then, click on the "Explore" option of ActiveSync to open a new window that shows you the directory structure on your Mobile device:

From here on it is a simple matter to open a new PC side File Explorer and navigate to that MedCalc3000 directory folder you created earlier on your PC. You then can drag and drop that MedCalc3000 directory from your PC File Explorer into the Mobile device explorer window shown above. The system will automatically copy all of the files. The copy process can take a few minutes.

Alternatively, you could copy that PC side MedCalc3000 directory directly onto a memory card and then insert the card into your Mobile device.The system will work perfectly well from the memory card too.

Once all files have been copied into your Mobile device, you can start the system using the "File Explorer" ON YOUR MOBILE DEVICE. Use the Mobile device file explorer to navigate to your new MedCalc3000 directory on the Mobile device or on your memory card in the Mobile device. Scroll down to the file called:


and click it.

The MedCalc 3000 Mobile Edition should start in your Mobile Internet Explorer and you will see the indroductory page of the system. So you can easily jump to the system next time, take the time to bookmark the page for future use. The start up page looks like this: