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  • High A-a gradients are associated with oxygen transfer / gas exchange problems. These are usually associated with alveolar membrane diseases, interstitial diseases or V/Q mismatch.
  • Hypoxemia in the face of a normal A-a gradient implies hypoventilation with displacement of alveolar O2 by CO2 or other substance.
  • The FIO2 (fraction of inspired oxygen) is equal to the Percent Inspired O2 / 100.
  • In this calculator, pATM is estimated by elevation above sea level using this formula: pAtm = 760 * eTo(Elevation / -7000)
  • pH2O is dependent on body temperature and calculated with the following formula: pH2O = 47 * eTo((Patient Temp - 37) / 18.4)
  • The equation for expected A-a gradient assumes the patient is breathing room air; therefore, it is less accurate at higher percentages of inspired oxygen.

Equations used
pAtm = 760 * e(Elevation/-7000)
pH2O = 47 * e((PatientTemp-37)/18.4)
FIO2 = PercentInspiredO2 / 100
ExpectedAaG = 2.5 + (0.21 * Age)
MeasuredAaG = (FIO2 * (pAtm - pH2O)) - (pCO2 / RespQuot) + (pCO2 * FIO2 * (1 - RespQuot) / RespQuot) - paO2


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         Adolescent,   Adult,   Aged,   Aging,   Air Pressure,   Altitude,   Arteries,   Blood,   Blood Pressure Determination,   Carbon Dioxide,   Exercise,   Female,   Humans,   Hydrogen-Ion Concentration,   Male,   Middle Aged,   Oximetry,   Oxygen,   Oxygen Consumption,   Partial Pressure,   Pulmonary Alveoli,   Pulmonary Circulation,   Regional Blood Flow,   Respiration,   Respiratory Function Tests,   Rest,   Spirometry

Associated Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes [LOINC]
Parameter LOINC's and Suggested Units
Age 21612-7 : yr      21612-7 : yr      21612-7 : years      30525-0 : Years old      30525-0 : yr      30525-0 : years      
Patient Temp 8329-5 : degC      8310-5 : degC      8331-1 : degC      8332-9 : degC      8333-7 : degC      8328-7 : degC      75539-7 : degC      
Percent Inspired O2 3150-0 : %      19993-5 : %      19992-7 : %      19994-3 : %      19996-8 : %      19995-0 : %      
p CO2 2019-8 : mmHg      34705-4 : mmHg      
p aO2 11556-8 : mmHg      2703-7 : mmHg      19254-2 : mmHg      
Measured AaG 19991-9 : mmHg      53809-0 : mmHg      

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Associated ICD10-CM Codes
   I27.82Chronic pulmonary embolism
   I50.9Heart failure, unspecified
   T79.1XXAFat embolism (traumatic), initial encounter
   J18.0Bronchopneumonia, unspecified organism

Associated ICD9-CM Codes
   482.9Bacterial pneumonia nos
   485Bronchopneumonia org nos
   481Pneumococcal pneumonia
   480.9Viral pneumonia nos
   958.1Fat embolism
   673.20Ob pulm embol nos-unspec
   428.0Chf nos


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