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  Acetaminophen (Paracetamol) Toxicity Assessment (Revised 2023)

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  • In this calculator, mcg is the abbreviation for micrograms.
  • This calculator is based on the 2023 revised Rumack and Matthew Nomogram.1 Treatment threshold levels are calculated to be 50% lower than the high-risk drug level.
  • Drug levels done before the 4 hour point may not represent the true peak of absorption.
  • The revised Rumack-Matthew nomogram may be used following an acute acetaminophen ingestion (ie, an ingestion period of ≤24 hours regardless of the ingestion pattern) when the history is reliable and accurate. Use of this nomogram is not appropriate for acute ingestions when the history is unknown or unreliable, or following repeated supratherapeutic ingestions.
  • In this calculation, the revised Rumack nomogram is represented by the following equations:
    • Toxic Level = e(5.703782 - ((Time_After_Ingestion - 4) * 0.175148))
    • Treatment Level = Toxic Level - (0.5 * Toxic Level)

Equations used
ToxLevel = fixDP(e(5.703782-((TimeAfterIngestion-4)*0.175148)),1)
RxLevel = fixDP(ToxLevel - (0.5 * ToxLevel),1)


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Associated Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes [LOINC]
Parameter LOINC's and Suggested Units
Acetaminophen Level 12442-0 : mcg/mL      22736-3 : mcmol/L      3298-7 : mcg/mL      14581-3 : mcmol/L      

This material contains content from LOINC® (http://loinc.org). The LOINC table, LOINC codes, and LOINC panels and forms file are copyright © 1995-2014, Regenstrief Institute, Inc. and the Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes (LOINC) Committee and available at no cost under the license at http://loinc.org/terms-of-use.

Associated ICD10-CM Codes
   T50.901APoisoning by unspecified drugs, medicaments and biological substances, accidental (unintentional), initial encounter

Associated ICD9-CM Codes
   E850.0Acc poison-analgesic nos
   E950.0Poison-drug/medicin nos
   977.9Poison-medicinal agt nos


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