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  Heart Failure Clinical Prediction Rule




  1. Hsieh M, Auble TE, Yealy DM. Validation of the Acute Heart Failure Index. Ann Emerg Med. 2008 Jan;51(1):37-44. Epub 2007 Nov 28. PubMed ID: 18045736 PubMed Logo
  2. Auble TE, Hsieh M, McCausland JB, Yealy DM. Comparison of four clinical prediction rules for estimating risk in heart failure. Ann Emerg Med. 2007 Aug;50(2):127-35, 135.e1-2. Epub 2007 Apr 20. PubMed ID: 17449141 PubMed Logo

Associated Medical Subject Headings [MeSH]
         80 and over,   Aged,   Cohort Studies,   Decision Support Techniques,   Emergency Service,   Female,   Heart Failure,   Hospital,   Hospital Mortality,   Hospitalization,   Humans,   Male,   Middle Aged,   Outcome Assessment (Health Care),   Outcome and Process Assessment (Health Care),   Prognosis,   Retrospective Studies,   Risk Assessment

Associated ICD10-CM Codes
   I50.31Acute diastolic (congestive) heart failure
   I50.21Acute systolic (congestive) heart failure
   I50.32Chronic diastolic (congestive) heart failure
   I50.22Chronic systolic (congestive) heart failure
   I50.30Unspecified diastolic (congestive) heart failure
   I50.9Heart failure, unspecified
   I50.1Left ventricular failure
   I50.20Unspecified systolic (congestive) heart failure

Associated ICD9-CM Codes
   428.2Systolic heart failure
   428.20Systol heart failure nos
   428.1Left heart failure
   428.9Heart failure nos
   428Heart failure
   428.30Diasystol heart fail nos
   428.3Diastolic heart failure
   428.22Chr systol heart failur
   428.32Chr diastol heart fail
   428.21Ac systol heart failure
   428.31Ac diastol heart fail

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