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  1. EBMcalc CrossRef: Ottawa Knee Rule
  2. Seaberg DC, Yealy DM, Lukens T, et al. Multicenter comparison of two clinical decision rules for the use of radiography in acute, high-risk knee injuries. Ann Emerg Med. 1998 Jul;32(1):8-13. PubMed ID: 9656942 PubMed Logo

Associated Medical Subject Headings [MeSH]
         80 and over,   Acute Disease,   Adolescent,   Adult,   Aged,   Child,   Decision Trees,   Diagnosis,   Differential,   Emergency Service,   Female,   Hospital,   Hospitals,   Humans,   Knee Injuries,   Male,   Middle Aged,   Outcome Assessment (Health Care),   Practice Guidelines as Topic,   Prospective Studies,   Sensitivity and Specificity,   Single-Blind Method,   Teaching

Associated ICD10-CM Codes
   S86.819AStrain of other muscle(s) and tendon(s) at lower leg level, unspecified leg, initial encounter
   S83.8X9ASprain of other specified parts of unspecified knee, initial encounter
   M21.869Other specified acquired deformities of unspecified lower leg
   S80.00XAContusion of unspecified knee, initial encounter

Associated ICD9-CM Codes
   924.11Contusion of knee
   736.6Acq knee deformity nec
   844.8Sprain of knee & leg nec
   844.9Sprain of knee & leg nos
   836.1Tear lat menisc knee-cur
   836.0Tear med menisc knee-cur
   717.89Int derangement knee nec
   717.9Int derangement knee nos
   836.69Dislocat knee nec-open
   836.50Dislocat knee nos-closed
   836.60Dislocat knee nos-open

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