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  Pulmonary Embolism Risk by Pisa Study (without chest x-ray)

Age Range <57 (0)

57-67 (0.80)

68-74 (0.87)

≥75 (1.14)
Sex Female (0)

Male (0.60)
Clinical Factors
Recent immobilization (0.42)
History of DVT (0.64)
History of cardiovasc dx (-0.51)
History of pulmonary dx (-0.89)
Acute onset of dyspnea (2.0)
Orthopnea (-1.51)
Chest pain (1.01)
Syncope (0.66)
Hemoptysis (0.93)
Unilateral leg swelling (0.80)
Fever >38 degrees C (-1.47)
Wheezes present (-1.20)
Crackles present (-0.61)
Cor pulmonale on EKG (1.96)

Factor Sum  
Decimal Precision  

Include literature references: Yes   No
  • The Cor pulmonale on EKG term can be checked if there is evidence of S1Q3T3, S1S2S3, negative right chest T waves, right bundle branch block (transient), or pseudoinfarction.

Equations used
FactorSum = AgeRange + Sex + ClinicalFactors
Risk = 100 / (1 + e(3.43-FactorSum))


Calculation Details and Variables
  • Equation parameters such as Age Range, have two or more discrete values that may be used in the calculation. The numbers in the parentheses, e.g. (0), represent the values that will be used.

  1. Miniati M, Bottai M, Monti S, et al. Simple and accurate prediction of the clinical probability of pulmonary embolism. Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 2008 Aug 1;178(3):290-4. Epub 2008 Apr 24. PubMed ID: 18436792 PubMed Logo

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         80 and over,   Adolescent,   Adult,   Aged,   Computer-Assisted,   Diagnosis,   Electrocardiography,   Female,   Humans,   Male,   Middle Aged,   Odds Ratio,   Physical Examination,   Pulmonary Embolism,   ROC Curve,   Severity of Illness Index,   Software

Associated ICD10-CM Codes
   O88.813Other embolism in pregnancy, third trimester
   O88.812Other embolism in pregnancy, second trimester
   O88.811Other embolism in pregnancy, first trimester
   O88.83Other embolism in the puerperium
   I26.99Other pulmonary embolism without acute cor pulmonale

Associated ICD9-CM Codes
   673.82Pulm embol nec-del w p/p
   673.23Pulm embol nos-antepart
   673.22Pulm embol nos-del w p/p
   673.21Pulm embol nos-delivered
   673.24Pulm embol nos-postpart
   415.19Pulm embol/infarct nec
   673.83Pulmon embol nec-antepar
   673.81Pulmon embol nec-deliver
   673.84Pulmon embol nec-postpar

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