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January 17, 2017
EBMcalc and iSalus Solutions Announce Development of new FHIR Interface for Medical Calculator Integration into Electronic Health Records
Pittsburgh, PA -- EBMcalc, formally MedCalc 3000, and iSalus Solutions have joined to develop a new FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) interface for medical calculator integration into electronic health records. In response to the growing need for seamless integration of patient data into clinical decision making tools, EBMCalc has partnered with iSalus to create more effective ways to link patient data with clinical support tools like its vast array of medical calculators.
Developed in 1998, EBMcalc is a unique computerized medical reference and tool set. EBMcalc encompasses a wide array of pertinent medical formulae, clinical criteria sets and decision tree analysis tools used every day by clinicians, medical educators, nurses and health care students.
EBMcalc also assists with medical error detection and reduction. When practicing, teaching and learning medicine based on solid, evidence-based data, practitioners may be easily overwhelmed by the breadth of information that they must master. EBMcalc helps simplify this task by assembling easy-to-use, interactive tools to support evidence-based medicine.
"With growing emphasis on and application of evidence-based medicine, there has never been a greater need for products that provide clinicians and other healthcare providers with decision support rooted in our most up to date medical evidence," EBMcalc founder and CEO, Dr. Louis Leff MD, FACP.
More information can be found at the company's website, EBMcalc.com. Inquires can be made at accounts@EBMcalc.com.
About EMBcalc
EBMcalc is the country's fastest growing provider of evidence-based medical calculators. Founded and based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, EBMcalc works with companies across the world to integrate its calculators into online medical resources. EBMcalc also produces mobile and handheld apps for both Apple and Android platforms. EBMcalc has worked closely with several major electronic health record companies to integrate its calculators seamlessly, providing clinicians with point of care tools embedded in their medical record systems.
About iSalus Solutions
iSalus Solutions is the world leader in developing health apps for the emerging open application ecosystem centered on SMART on FHIR. Founded and based in Salt Lake City, Utah, iSalus Solutions has built numerous SMART on FHIR applications, many of which are in production now. Additionally, the company created and maintains the SMART on FHIR reference implementation. Given the company's working relationship with the world's largest EHR vendors, most prominent healthcare providers, and healthcare standards community, iSalus Solutions is uniquely positioned to help companies successfully build and deploy their health apps.



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