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EBMcalc Connect!®
EBMcalc Connect!® offers a way to automatically integrate EBMcalc equations with your patient's actual lab data. Through simple HTTP network requests, you can analyze lab results in a EBMcalc equation. This is done on the client side of the HTTP transaction, so there is no need (or facility) to transmit any patient identification information to the EBMcalc site.
To input patient information, configure your information system to send an HTTP request like this:
The parameter values are assumed to be in certain units for the initial calculation display. The many files, equations, parameters and initial parameter units are cataloged here. If you leave one or more parameters out of the HTTP GET request, the missing parameters and any default values will be entered from the EBMcalc source files.
PLEASE NOTE: Parameter names are case sensitive, and the GET request should contain no blank-space characters. If you are sending data for a radio button parameter you may indicate either the discrete option name or actual numeric value in the HTTP request. If the option name contains blank spaces (see catalog) these spaces must be escaped with ASCII equivalents in the request.
The MedCalc Connect Catalog is a list of the current equation source files. Please note that a few have the file extension ".cc" rather than ".eq" The ".cc" files represent clinical criteria that revolve purely around equation calculation. The filename you request should use the .htm extension.
To learn more about how EBMcalc can be integrated into your Electronic Medical Record and Lab systems please contact us at support@EBMcalc.com

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