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Associated ICD10-CM Codes

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        I71.4 Abdominal aortic aneurysm, without rupture
        R94.31 Abnormal electrocardiogram [ECG] [EKG]
        R94.30 Abnormal result of cardiovascular function study, unspecified
        R94.39 Abnormal result of other cardiovascular function study
        R94.2 Abnormal results of pulmonary function studies
        R63.5 Abnormal weight gain
        R63.4 Abnormal weight loss
        J85.1 Abscess of lung with pneumonia
        R19.11 Absent bowel sounds
        E87.2 Acidosis
        D59.9 Acquired hemolytic anemia, unspecified
        E22.0 Acromegaly and pituitary gigantism
        J96.21 Acute and chronic respiratory failure with hypoxia
        J96.20 Acute and chronic respiratory failure, unspecified whether with hypoxia or hypercapnia
        I67.81 Acute cerebrovascular insufficiency
        K81.2 Acute cholecystitis with chronic cholecystitis
        K81.0 Acute cholecystitis
        I50.31 Acute diastolic (congestive) heart failure
        N17.1 Acute kidney failure with acute cortical necrosis
        N17.2 Acute kidney failure with medullary necrosis
        N17.9 Acute kidney failure, unspecified
        J06.0 Acute laryngopharyngitis
        J00 Acute nasopharyngitis [common cold]
        G89.11 Acute pain due to trauma
        K85.9 Acute pancreatitis, unspecified
        K27.3 Acute peptic ulcer, site unspecified, without hemorrhage or perforation
        J02.9 Acute pharyngitis, unspecified
        D62 Acute posthemorrhagic anemia
        N41.0 Acute prostatitis
        J80 Acute respiratory distress syndrome
        J96.01 Acute respiratory failure with hypoxia
        J96.00 Acute respiratory failure, unspecified whether with hypoxia or hypercapnia
        I01.9 Acute rheumatic heart disease, unspecified
        I01.2 Acute rheumatic myocarditis
        I50.21 Acute systolic (congestive) heart failure
        F51.02 Adjustment insomnia
        T45.515A Adverse effect of anticoagulants, initial encounter
        M81.0 Age-related osteoporosis without current pathological fracture
        F40.01 Agoraphobia with panic disorder
        Y92.813 Airplane as the place of occurrence of the external cause
        F10.10 Alcohol abuse, uncomplicated
        F10.229 Alcohol dependence with intoxication, unspecified
        F10.20 Alcohol dependence, uncomplicated
        K70.31 Alcoholic cirrhosis of liver with ascites
        K70.30 Alcoholic cirrhosis of liver without ascites
        K70.0 Alcoholic fatty liver
        K70.11 Alcoholic hepatitis with ascites
        K70.10 Alcoholic hepatitis without ascites
        K70.9 Alcoholic liver disease, unspecified
        E87.3 Alkalosis
        Z88.1 Allergy status to other antibiotic agents status
        D64.9 Anemia, unspecified
        A22.7 Anthrax sepsis
        A22.9 Anthrax, unspecified
        F06.4 Anxiety disorder due to known physiological condition
        F41.9 Anxiety disorder, unspecified
        D61.9 Aplastic anemia, unspecified
        I77.3 Arterial fibromuscular dysplasia
        Q28.2 Arteriovenous malformation of cerebral vessels
        I70.1 Atherosclerosis of renal artery
        I25.10 Atherosclerotic heart disease of native coronary artery without angina pectoris
        Q25.2 Atresia of aorta
        N50.0 Atrophy of testis
        G00.9 Bacterial meningitis, unspecified
        G04.2 Bacterial meningoencephalitis and meningomyelitis, not elsewhere classified
        K22.719 Barrett's esophagus with dysplasia, unspecified
        K22.711 Barrett's esophagus with high grade dysplasia
        K22.710 Barrett's esophagus with low grade dysplasia
        K22.70 Barrett's esophagus without dysplasia
        M35.2 Behcet's disease
        H81.13 Benign paroxysmal vertigo, bilateral
        K74.5 Biliary cirrhosis, unspecified
        R00.1 Bradycardia, unspecified
        J18.0 Bronchopneumonia, unspecified organism
        T30.0 Burn of unspecified body region, unspecified degree
        M75.50 Bursitis of unspecified shoulder
        K80.00 Calculus of gallbladder with acute cholecystitis without obstruction
        K80.18 Calculus of gallbladder with other cholecystitis without obstruction
        D02.20 Carcinoma in situ of unspecified bronchus and lung
        R01.1 Cardiac murmur, unspecified
        I51.7 Cardiomegaly
        G45.1 Carotid artery syndrome (hemispheric)
        G56.00 Carpal tunnel syndrome, unspecified upper limb
        Z22.52 Carrier of viral hepatitis C
        I67.2 Cerebral atherosclerosis
        I67.82 Cerebral ischemia
        I67.9 Cerebrovascular disease, unspecified
        R07.1 Chest pain on breathing
        R07.9 Chest pain, unspecified
        K73.2 Chronic active hepatitis, not elsewhere classified
        K81.1 Chronic cholecystitis
        I50.32 Chronic diastolic (congestive) heart failure
        I82.91 Chronic embolism and thrombosis of unspecified vein
        R53.82 Chronic fatigue, unspecified
        K73.9 Chronic hepatitis, unspecified
        I25.9 Chronic ischemic heart disease, unspecified
        C95.10 Chronic leukemia of unspecified cell type not having achieved remission
        C95.12 Chronic leukemia of unspecified cell type, in relapse
        C95.11 Chronic leukemia of unspecified cell type, in remission
        G03.1 Chronic meningitis
        C92.12 Chronic myeloid leukemia, BCR/ABL-positive, in relapse
        C92.11 Chronic myeloid leukemia, BCR/ABL-positive, in remission
        C92.10 Chronic myeloid leukemia, BCR/ABL-positive, not having achieved remission
        J44.1 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with (acute) exacerbation
        J44.0 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with acute lower respiratory infection
        J44.9 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, unspecified
        G89.21 Chronic pain due to trauma
        G89.4 Chronic pain syndrome
        K27.7 Chronic peptic ulcer, site unspecified, without hemorrhage or perforation
        N41.1 Chronic prostatitis
        I27.82 Chronic pulmonary embolism
        J96.11 Chronic respiratory failure with hypoxia
        I50.22 Chronic systolic (congestive) heart failure
        D68.9 Coagulation defect, unspecified
        J98.3 Compensatory emphysema
        M75.120 Complete rotator cuff tear or rupture of unspecified shoulder, not specified as traumatic
        S48.919S Complete traumatic amputation of unspecified shoulder and upper arm, level unspecified, sequela
        T81.711A Complication of renal artery following a procedure, not elsewhere classified, initial encounter
        Q87.1 Congenital malformation syndromes predominantly associated with short stature
        Q23.2 Congenital mitral stenosis
        Q24.4 Congenital subaortic stenosis
        E34.4 Constitutional tall stature
        H10.539 Contact blepharoconjunctivitis, unspecified eye
        Z20.810 Contact with and (suspected) exposure to anthrax
        Z20.89 Contact with and (suspected) exposure to other communicable diseases
        Z20.3 Contact with and (suspected) exposure to rabies
        Z20.1 Contact with and (suspected) exposure to tuberculosis
        S90.30XA Contusion of unspecified foot, initial encounter
        S80.00XA Contusion of unspecified knee, initial encounter
        I27.81 Cor pulmonale (chronic)
        Z98.61 Coronary angioplasty status
        I25.84 Coronary atherosclerosis due to calcified coronary lesion
        K50.00 Crohn's disease of small intestine without complications
        K50.914 Crohn's disease, unspecified, with abscess
        K50.913 Crohn's disease, unspecified, with fistula
        K50.912 Crohn's disease, unspecified, with intestinal obstruction
        K50.918 Crohn's disease, unspecified, with other complication
        K50.90 Crohn's disease, unspecified, without complications
        P28.2 Cyanotic attacks of newborn
        P74.1 Dehydration of newborn
        E86.0 Dehydration
        F05 Delirium due to known physiological condition
        F02.81 Dementia in other diseases classified elsewhere with behavioral disturbance
        F02.80 Dementia in other diseases classified elsewhere without behavioral disturbance
        R19.7 Diarrhea, unspecified
        L93.0 Discoid lupus erythematosus
        K86.9 Disease of pancreas, unspecified
        E16.9 Disorder of pancreatic internal secretion, unspecified
        N42.9 Disorder of prostate, unspecified
        E07.9 Disorder of thyroid, unspecified
        N25.9 Disorder resulting from impaired renal tubular function, unspecified
        E83.40 Disorders of magnesium metabolism, unspecified
        P60 Disseminated intravascular coagulation of newborn
        K57.33 Diverticulitis of large intestine without perforation or abscess with bleeding
        M54.9 Dorsalgia, unspecified
        M53.9 Dorsopathy, unspecified
        D59.0 Drug-induced autoimmune hemolytic anemia
        F34.1 Dysthymic disorder
        Q79.6 Ehlers-Danlos syndrome
        I74.8 Embolism and thrombosis of other arteries
        I74.9 Embolism and thrombosis of unspecified artery
        J43.9 Emphysema, unspecified
        Z49.31 Encounter for adequacy testing for hemodialysis
        Z49.32 Encounter for adequacy testing for peritoneal dialysis
        Z45.09 Encounter for adjustment and management of other cardiac device
        Z45.018 Encounter for adjustment and management of other part of cardiac pacemaker
        Z51.11 Encounter for antineoplastic chemotherapy
        O82 Encounter for cesarean delivery without indication
        Z45.010 Encounter for checking and testing of cardiac pacemaker pulse generator [battery]
        Z02.71 Encounter for disability determination
        Z09 Encounter for follow-up examination after completed treatment for conditions other than malignant neoplasm
        Z08 Encounter for follow-up examination after completed treatment for malignant neoplasm
        Z23 Encounter for immunization
        Z01.818 Encounter for other preprocedural examination
        Z51.89 Encounter for other specified aftercare
        Z48.89 Encounter for other specified surgical aftercare
        Z51.5 Encounter for palliative care
        Z01.810 Encounter for preprocedural cardiovascular examination
        Z01.812 Encounter for preprocedural laboratory examination
        Z01.811 Encounter for preprocedural respiratory examination
        Z13.1 Encounter for screening for diabetes mellitus
        Z13.0 Encounter for screening for diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs and certain disorders involving the immune mechanism
        Z13.21 Encounter for screening for nutritional disorder
        Z13.89 Encounter for screening for other disorder
        Z13.828 Encounter for screening for other musculoskeletal disorder
        Z11.59 Encounter for screening for other viral diseases
        Z11.1 Encounter for screening for respiratory tuberculosis
        I39 Endocarditis and heart valve disorders in diseases classified elsewhere
        I38 Endocarditis, valve unspecified
        A04.7 Enterocolitis due to Clostridium difficile
        D72.1 Eosinophilia
        G40.911 Epilepsy, unspecified, intractable, with status epilepticus
        G40.919 Epilepsy, unspecified, intractable, without status epilepticus
        G40.901 Epilepsy, unspecified, not intractable, with status epilepticus
        G40.909 Epilepsy, unspecified, not intractable, without status epilepticus
        I85.01 Esophageal varices with bleeding
        I85.00 Esophageal varices without bleeding
        I10 Essential (primary) hypertension
        P07.02 Extremely low birth weight newborn, 500-749 grams
        P07.03 Extremely low birth weight newborn, 750-999 grams
        P07.01 Extremely low birth weight newborn, less than 500 grams
        W06.XXXA Fall from bed, initial encounter
        W18.30XA Fall on same level, unspecified, initial encounter
        Z80.3 Family history of malignant neoplasm of breast
        T79.1XXA Fat embolism (traumatic), initial encounter
        F40.232 Fear of other medical care
        R50.9 Fever, unspecified
        J85.0 Gangrene and necrosis of lung
        K21.0 Gastro-esophageal reflux disease with esophagitis
        K21.9 Gastro-esophageal reflux disease without esophagitis
        F41.1 Generalized anxiety disorder
        L40.1 Generalized pustular psoriasis
        N08 Glomerular disorders in diseases classified elsewhere
        A54.42 Gonococcal arthritis
        M10.9 Gout, unspecified
        L40.4 Guttate psoriasis
        R51 Headache
        I50.9 Heart failure, unspecified
        D75.82 Heparin induced thrombocytopenia (HIT)
        K74.0 Hepatic fibrosis
        C81.93 Hodgkin lymphoma, unspecified, intra-abdominal lymph nodes
        C81.96 Hodgkin lymphoma, unspecified, intrapelvic lymph nodes
        C81.92 Hodgkin lymphoma, unspecified, intrathoracic lymph nodes
        C81.94 Hodgkin lymphoma, unspecified, lymph nodes of axilla and upper limb
        C81.91 Hodgkin lymphoma, unspecified, lymph nodes of head, face, and neck
        C81.95 Hodgkin lymphoma, unspecified, lymph nodes of inguinal region and lower limb
        C81.98 Hodgkin lymphoma, unspecified, lymph nodes of multiple sites
        C81.97 Hodgkin lymphoma, unspecified, spleen
        R19.12 Hyperactive bowel sounds
        E83.52 Hypercalcemia
        R73.9 Hyperglycemia, unspecified
        E78.5 Hyperlipidemia, unspecified
        E87.0 Hyperosmolality and hypernatremia
        E87.1 Hypo-osmolality and hyponatremia
        E83.51 Hypocalcemia
        E83.42 Hypomagnesemia
        E23.0 Hypopituitarism
        I95.9 Hypotension, unspecified
        E03.9 Hypothyroidism, unspecified
        R09.02 Hypoxemia
        M62.3 Immobility syndrome (paraplegic)
        N41.9 Inflammatory disease of prostate, unspecified
        K75.9 Inflammatory liver disease, unspecified
        J11.00 Influenza due to unidentified influenza virus with unspecified type of pneumonia
        G47.00 Insomnia, unspecified
        J98.2 Interstitial emphysema
        K56.5 Intestinal adhesions [bands] with obstruction (postprocedural) (postinfection)
        I51.3 Intracardiac thrombosis, not elsewhere classified
        D50.9 Iron deficiency anemia, unspecified
        K58.9 Irritable bowel syndrome without diarrhea
        N28.0 Ischemia and infarction of kidney
        P74.0 Late metabolic acidosis of newborn
        I44.4 Left anterior fascicular block
        I44.5 Left posterior fascicular block
        I50.1 Left ventricular failure
        Z73.6 Limitation of activities due to disability
        K77 Liver disorders in diseases classified elsewhere
        J18.1 Lobar pneumonia, unspecified organism
        I45.81 Long QT syndrome
        Z79.2 Long term (current) use of antibiotics
        Z79.01 Long term (current) use of anticoagulants
        M54.5 Low back pain
        D72.810 Lymphocytopenia
        D72.820 Lymphocytosis (symptomatic)
        Q75.3 Macrocephaly
        E61.2 Magnesium deficiency
        F32.1 Major depressive disorder, single episode, moderate
        F32.9 Major depressive disorder, single episode, unspecified
        Q24.5 Malformation of coronary vessels
        R18.0 Malignant ascites
        T88.3XXA Malignant hyperthermia due to anesthesia, initial encounter
        C34.80 Malignant neoplasm of overlapping sites of unspecified bronchus and lung
        C50.819 Malignant neoplasm of overlapping sites of unspecified female breast
        C34.90 Malignant neoplasm of unspecified part of unspecified bronchus or lung
        C50.919 Malignant neoplasm of unspecified site of unspecified female breast
        C83.10 Mantle cell lymphoma, unspecified site
        G03.9 Meningitis, unspecified
        E88.9 Metabolic disorder, unspecified
        E88.81 Metabolic syndrome
        Q02 Microcephaly
        G43.109 Migraine with aura, not intractable, without status migrainosus
        G43.909 Migraine, unspecified, not intractable, without status migrainosus
        J45.21 Mild intermittent asthma with (acute) exacerbation
        J45.22 Mild intermittent asthma with status asthmaticus
        E44.1 Mild protein-calorie malnutrition
        E78.2 Mixed hyperlipidemia
        E44.0 Moderate protein-calorie malnutrition
        E66.01 Morbid (severe) obesity due to excess calories
        M30.3 Mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome [Kawasaki]
        C90.01 Multiple myeloma in remission
        C90.00 Multiple myeloma not having achieved remission
        G35 Multiple sclerosis
        M62.81 Muscle weakness (generalized)
        A49.3 Mycoplasma infection, unspecified site
        B96.0 Mycoplasma pneumoniae [M. pneumoniae] as the cause of diseases classified elsewhere
        C94.6 Myelodysplastic disease, not classified
        D46.C Myelodysplastic syndrome with isolated del(5q) chromosomal abnormality
        D46.9 Myelodysplastic syndrome, unspecified
        C92.92 Myeloid leukemia, unspecified in relapse
        C92.91 Myeloid leukemia, unspecified in remission
        P29.12 Neonatal bradycardia
        P59.8 Neonatal jaundice from other specified causes
        P29.11 Neonatal tachycardia
        D49.3 Neoplasm of unspecified behavior of breast
        Q85.01 Neurofibromatosis, type 1
        Q85.02 Neurofibromatosis, type 2
        Q85.00 Neurofibromatosis, unspecified
        D70.3 Neutropenia due to infection
        D70.9 Neutropenia, unspecified
        P03.4 Newborn (suspected to be) affected by Cesarean delivery
        P01.4 Newborn (suspected to be) affected by ectopic pregnancy
        F17.200 Nicotine dependence, unspecified, uncomplicated
        K75.81 Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH)
        I35.0 Nonrheumatic aortic (valve) stenosis
        I35.9 Nonrheumatic aortic valve disorder, unspecified
        I34.0 Nonrheumatic mitral (valve) insufficiency
        I62.9 Nontraumatic intracranial hemorrhage, unspecified
        D53.9 Nutritional anemia, unspecified
        E66.9 Obesity, unspecified
        K31.5 Obstruction of duodenum
        I42.1 Obstructive hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
        I95.1 Orthostatic hypotension
        R19.15 Other abnormal bowel sounds
        N17.8 Other acute kidney failure
        I01.8 Other acute rheumatic heart disease
        P28.4 Other apnea of newborn
        R18.8 Other ascites
        D59.1 Other autoimmune hemolytic anemias
        I67.89 Other cerebrovascular disease
        I67.848 Other cerebrovascular vasospasm and vasoconstriction
        R07.89 Other chest pain
        K73.8 Other chronic hepatitis, not elsewhere classified
        G89.29 Other chronic pain
        K86.1 Other chronic pancreatitis
        K74.69 Other cirrhosis of liver
        F32.8 Other depressive episodes
        E87.8 Other disorders of electrolyte and fluid balance, not elsewhere classified
        E83.49 Other disorders of magnesium metabolism
        M54.89 Other dorsalgia
        T79.8XXA Other early complications of trauma, initial encounter
        O88.811 Other embolism in pregnancy, first trimester
        O88.812 Other embolism in pregnancy, second trimester
        O88.813 Other embolism in pregnancy, third trimester
        O88.83 Other embolism in the puerperium
        I44.69 Other fascicular block
        R53.83 Other fatigue
        I24.8 Other forms of acute ischemic heart disease
        A22.8 Other forms of anthrax
        I25.89 Other forms of chronic ischemic heart disease
        E78.4 Other hyperlipidemia
        I95.89 Other hypotension
        N41.8 Other inflammatory diseases of prostate
        F51.09 Other insomnia not due to a substance or known physiological condition
        K56.69 Other intestinal obstruction
        E01.8 Other iodine-deficiency related thyroid disorders and allied conditions
        D50.8 Other iron deficiency anemias
        L93.2 Other local lupus erythematosus
        P07.14 Other low birth weight newborn, 1000-1249 grams
        P07.15 Other low birth weight newborn, 1250-1499 grams
        P07.10 Other low birth weight newborn, unspecified weight
        R53.81 Other malaise
        Q28.3 Other malformations of cerebral vessels
        Y84.8 Other medical procedures as the cause of abnormal reaction of the patient, or of later complication, without mention of misadventure at the time of the procedure
        D53.1 Other megaloblastic anemias, not elsewhere classified
        G43.809 Other migraine, not intractable, without status migrainosus
        D46.Z Other myelodysplastic syndromes
        D70.8 Other neutropenia
        I35.8 Other nonrheumatic aortic valve disorders
        I34.8 Other nonrheumatic mitral valve disorders
        M81.8 Other osteoporosis without current pathological fracture
        H81.399 Other peripheral vertigo, unspecified ear
        P84 Other problems with newborn
        L40.8 Other psoriasis
        I26.09 Other pulmonary embolism with acute cor pulmonale
        I26.99 Other pulmonary embolism without acute cor pulmonale
        I05.8 Other rheumatic mitral valve diseases
        M10.40 Other secondary gout, unspecified site
        D69.59 Other secondary thrombocytopenia
        I69.998 Other sequelae following unspecified cerebrovascular disease
        M75.80 Other shoulder lesions, unspecified shoulder
        M21.869 Other specified acquired deformities of unspecified lower leg
        D64.89 Other specified anemias
        D68.8 Other specified coagulation defects
        T82.897A Other specified complication of cardiac prosthetic devices, implants and grafts, initial encounter
        M43.8X9 Other specified deforming dorsopathies, site unspecified
        O99.89 Other specified diseases and conditions complicating pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium
        E16.8 Other specified disorders of pancreatic internal secretion
        N42.89 Other specified disorders of prostate
        I45.5 Other specified heart block
        E03.8 Other specified hypothyroidism
        S09.8XXA Other specified injuries of head, initial encounter
        J84.89 Other specified interstitial pulmonary diseases
        L44.8 Other specified papulosquamous disorders
        I09.89 Other specified rheumatic heart diseases
        A41.89 Other specified sepsis
        R09.89 Other specified symptoms and signs involving the circulatory and respiratory systems
        C85.80 Other specified types of non-Hodgkin lymphoma, unspecified site
        G45.8 Other transient cerebral ischemic attacks and related syndromes
        P74.4 Other transitory electrolyte disturbances of newborn
        K51.80 Other ulcerative colitis without complications
        B30.8 Other viral conjunctivitis
        J12.89 Other viral pneumonia
        F41.0 Panic disorder [episodic paroxysmal anxiety] without agoraphobia
        F51.03 Paradoxical insomnia
        J12.2 Parainfluenza virus pneumonia
        K27.9 Peptic ulcer, site unspecified, unspecified as acute or chronic, without hemorrhage or perforation
        K65.9 Peritonitis, unspecified
        Z71.1 Person with feared health complaint in whom no diagnosis is made
        Z85.3 Personal history of malignant neoplasm of breast
        Z87.441 Personal history of nephrotic syndrome
        Z87.891 Personal history of nicotine dependence
        Z86.718 Personal history of other venous thrombosis and embolism
        J13 Pneumonia due to Streptococcus pneumoniae
        J18.9 Pneumonia, unspecified organism
        T45.514A Poisoning by anticoagulants, undetermined, initial encounter
        T50.B91A Poisoning by other viral vaccines, accidental (unintentional), initial encounter
        T50.901A Poisoning by unspecified drugs, medicaments and biological substances, accidental (unintentional), initial encounter
        T36.91XA Poisoning by unspecified systemic antibiotic, accidental (unintentional), initial encounter
        D45 Polycythemia vera
        K76.6 Portal hypertension
        K91.5 Postcholecystectomy syndrome
        T81.11XA Postprocedural cardiogenic shock, initial encounter
        J95.811 Postprocedural pneumothorax
        G93.3 Postviral fatigue syndrome
        O26.90 Pregnancy related conditions, unspecified, unspecified trimester
        Z33.1 Pregnant state, incidental
        Z95.1 Presence of aortocoronary bypass graft
        Z95.0 Presence of cardiac pacemaker
        Z95.2 Presence of prosthetic heart valve
        L89.899 Pressure ulcer of other site, unspecified stage
        K74.3 Primary biliary cirrhosis
        F51.01 Primary insomnia
        I27.0 Primary pulmonary hypertension
        P28.3 Primary sleep apnea of newborn
        O48.1 Prolonged pregnancy
        N41.3 Prostatocystitis
        L40.0 Psoriasis vulgaris
        A22.1 Pulmonary anthrax
        J84.10 Pulmonary fibrosis, unspecified
        I27.9 Pulmonary heart disease, unspecified
        M00.9 Pyogenic arthritis, unspecified
        D69.1 Qualitative platelet defects
        A82.9 Rabies, unspecified
        P28.5 Respiratory failure of newborn
        J96.91 Respiratory failure, unspecified with hypoxia
        J96.90 Respiratory failure, unspecified, unspecified whether with hypoxia or hypercapnia
        I06.2 Rheumatic aortic stenosis with insufficiency
        I06.0 Rheumatic aortic stenosis
        I02.0 Rheumatic chorea with heart involvement
        I09.9 Rheumatic heart disease, unspecified
        I09.81 Rheumatic heart failure
        I05.2 Rheumatic mitral stenosis with insufficiency
        I05.0 Rheumatic mitral stenosis
        M79.0 Rheumatism, unspecified
        M06.9 Rheumatoid arthritis, unspecified
        A02.23 Salmonella arthritis
        K74.4 Secondary biliary cirrhosis
        I85.11 Secondary esophageal varices with bleeding
        I85.10 Secondary esophageal varices without bleeding
        D75.1 Secondary polycythemia
        A41.9 Sepsis, unspecified organism
        H10.239 Serous conjunctivitis, except viral, unspecified eye
        R62.52 Short stature (child)
        E34.3 Short stature due to endocrine disorder
        D50.1 Sideropenic dysphagia
        H10.429 Simple chronic conjunctivitis, unspecified eye
        G47.30 Sleep apnea, unspecified
        B03 Smallpox
        R91.1 Solitary pulmonary nodule
        J93.0 Spontaneous tension pneumothorax
        S93.499A Sprain of other ligament of unspecified ankle, initial encounter
        S83.8X9A Sprain of other specified parts of unspecified knee, initial encounter
        S93.409A Sprain of unspecified ligament of unspecified ankle, initial encounter
        S43.429A Sprain of unspecified rotator cuff capsule, initial encounter
        M00.08 Staphylococcal arthritis, vertebrae
        S86.819A Strain of other muscle(s) and tendon(s) at lower leg level, unspecified leg, initial encounter
        S86.019A Strain of unspecified Achilles tendon, initial encounter
        S96.919A Strain of unspecified muscle and tendon at ankle and foot level, unspecified foot, initial encounter
        I22.1 Subsequent ST elevation (STEMI) myocardial infarction of inferior wall
        O09.00 Supervision of pregnancy with history of infertility, unspecified trimester
        O09.291 Supervision of pregnancy with other poor reproductive or obstetric history, first trimester
        Q25.3 Supravalvular aortic stenosis
        R55 Syncope and collapse
        E22.2 Syndrome of inappropriate secretion of antidiuretic hormone
        M32.10 Systemic lupus erythematosus, organ or system involvement unspecified
        M34.81 Systemic sclerosis with lung involvement
        R00.0 Tachycardia, unspecified
        E29.9 Testicular dysfunction, unspecified
        E29.1 Testicular hypofunction
        D56.3 Thalassemia minor
        D56.9 Thalassemia, unspecified
        Q77.1 Thanatophoric short stature
        D69.6 Thrombocytopenia, unspecified
        T51.2X4A Toxic effect of 2-Propanol, undetermined, initial encounter
        T51.0X4A Toxic effect of ethanol, undetermined, initial encounter
        T51.1X4A Toxic effect of methanol, undetermined, initial encounter
        T51.8X2A Toxic effect of other alcohols, intentional self-harm, initial encounter
        T51.8X4A Toxic effect of other alcohols, undetermined, initial encounter
        T65.224A Toxic effect of tobacco cigarettes, undetermined, initial encounter
        T51.91XA Toxic effect of unspecified alcohol, accidental (unintentional), initial encounter
        L51.2 Toxic epidermal necrolysis [Lyell]
        K71.51 Toxic liver disease with chronic active hepatitis with ascites
        K71.6 Toxic liver disease with hepatitis, not elsewhere classified
        G45.9 Transient cerebral ischemic attack, unspecified
        M12.579 Traumatic arthropathy, unspecified ankle and foot
        S06.360A Traumatic hemorrhage of cerebrum, unspecified, without loss of consciousness, initial encounter
        S27.0XXA Traumatic pneumothorax, initial encounter
        T79.4XXA Traumatic shock, initial encounter
        S06.5X0A Traumatic subdural hemorrhage without loss of consciousness, initial encounter
        A15.0 Tuberculosis of lung
        E10.65 Type 1 diabetes mellitus with hyperglycemia
        E10.9 Type 1 diabetes mellitus without complications
        E11.65 Type 2 diabetes mellitus with hyperglycemia
        E11.9 Type 2 diabetes mellitus without complications
        K63.3 Ulcer of intestine
        K51.90 Ulcerative colitis, unspecified, without complications
        R63.6 Underweight
        H10.33 Unspecified acute conjunctivitis, bilateral
        J45.901 Unspecified asthma with (acute) exacerbation
        J45.902 Unspecified asthma with status asthmaticus
        I48.91 Unspecified atrial fibrillation
        J15.9 Unspecified bacterial pneumonia
        J42 Unspecified chronic bronchitis
        K74.60 Unspecified cirrhosis of liver
        R40.20 Unspecified coma
        F03.90 Unspecified dementia without behavioral disturbance
        I50.30 Unspecified diastolic (congestive) heart failure
        H83.93 Unspecified disease of inner ear, bilateral
        H11.9 Unspecified disorder of conjunctiva
        H81.93 Unspecified disorder of vestibular function, bilateral
        T79.9XXS Unspecified early complication of trauma, sequela
        I44.60 Unspecified fascicular block
        S92.909A Unspecified fracture of unspecified foot, initial encounter for closed fracture
        S09.90XA Unspecified injury of head, initial encounter
        K56.60 Unspecified intestinal obstruction
        R17 Unspecified jaundice
        H16.209 Unspecified keratoconjunctivitis, unspecified eye
        N19 Unspecified kidney failure
        N63 Unspecified lump in breast
        S21.309A Unspecified open wound of unspecified front wall of thorax with penetration into thoracic cavity, initial encounter
        O24.319 Unspecified pre-existing diabetes mellitus in pregnancy, unspecified trimester
        E46 Unspecified protein-calorie malnutrition
        M75.100 Unspecified rotator cuff tear or rupture of unspecified shoulder, not specified as traumatic
        S93.609A Unspecified sprain of unspecified foot, initial encounter
        S90.929A Unspecified superficial injury of unspecified foot, initial encounter
        I50.20 Unspecified systolic (congestive) heart failure
        D05.90 Unspecified type of carcinoma in situ of unspecified breast
        I20.0 Unstable angina
        I83.209 Varicose veins of unspecified lower extremity with both ulcer of unspecified site and inflammation
        F01.50 Vascular dementia without behavioral disturbance
        G44.1 Vascular headache, not elsewhere classified
        A87.9 Viral meningitis, unspecified
        J12.9 Viral pneumonia, unspecified
        R53.1 Weakness


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