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Specialty Index: Anesthesiology

  Medical Equations

Allowable Blood Loss
Cardiac Output MultiCalc
Cardiac Output Using Oxygen Saturation Data Only
Cardiac Output
Endotracheal tube size for children (Age 1 to 8 years)
Oxygen Consumption
Oxygen Content of Arterial Blood
Oxygen Content of Venous Blood
Oxygenation index in neonates, children, and adults
paO2 / FIO2 Ratio (for MODS Calculation)
Pressure Adjusted Heart Rate (For MODS calculation)
Pulmonary Vascular Resistance
Respiratory Quotient
Right to Left Shunt Fraction Qs/Qt
Systemic Vascular Resistance
Systolic Pressure Variation (percentage)
Ventilation Index

  Clinical Criteria

Cardiac Risk Index in Noncardiac Surgery (Detsky et. al.)
Cardiac Risk Index in Noncardiac Surgery (Goldman, et. al.)
Cardiac Surgery Risk Assessment Scale (UPMC Shadyside Hospital, 2002)
Clinical Grading to Predict Malignant Hyperthermia
EuroSCORE for Cardiac Surgery Risk Assessment (1999 additive version)
Pneumonia Risk in Post Operative Period of Non-Cardiac Surgery
POSSUM Score for Orthopedic Procedure Prognosis
Respiratory Failure Risk in Adult Males During Post Operative Period of Non-Cardiac Surgery
Revised Cardiac Risk Index for Non-AAA Vascular Surgery (Lee)
Revised Cardiac Risk Index for Orthopedic Surgery (Lee)
Wilson Score for Prediction of Difficult Intubation

  Decision Trees

Perioperative Cardiac Evaluation TreeCalc

  Unit and Dose Converters

Oxygen Delivery Units Conversions



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