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Specialty Index: Pharmacology

  Medical Equations

Aminoglycoside Clearance Estimate
Body Surface Area (BSA, Gehan and George Method)
Body Surface Area Based Dosing
Creatinine Clearance Estimate by Cockcroft-Gault Equation with Ideal Body Weight
Creatinine Clearance Estimate by Jelliffe Formula
Creatinine Clearance Estimate by Sanaka Formula (for older subjects with low muscle mass)
Digitalis Body Load
Dose Adjustment for Body Surface Area
Dose Driven IV-Drip Rate Calculator
Epidural Formulation Compounding Calculator
Fat Free Mass, a Measure of Lean Body Weight
Gravity Flow Rate Calculator
Ideal body weight (method of Devine) and adjusted body weight for adults
IV Drip Maintenance Rate Calculator
Phenytoin Free (Unbound) Drug Level (Adjusted for Hypoalbuminemia)
Phenytoin Total Drug Level (Adjusted for Hypoalbuminemia and Renal Function)
Weight Based Divided Dose Calculator
Weight Based Dosage Calculator

  Clinical Criteria

Acetaminophen (Paracetamol) Toxicity Assessment
Omeprazole Therapeutic Gain (over placebo) in Dyspepsia
Omeprazole Therapeutic Index in Dyspepsia

  Unit and Dose Converters

Standard Drink Equivalents



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