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Specialty Index: Emergency Medicine

  Medical Equations

Acute Heart Failure Prediction Based on NT-proBNP and Clinical Features
Allowable Blood Loss
Anion Gap Delta Delta Gradient Multicalc
Anion Gap Delta Delta Ratio Multicalc
Anion Gap
Blood Ethanol Concentration Estimation
Burn Injury Fluid Resuscitation (Brooke estimate)
Burn Injury Fluid Resuscitation (Demling dextran estimate)
Burn Injury Fluid Resuscitation (Evans estimate)
Burn Injury Fluid Resuscitation (Modified Brooke crystalloid estimate)
Burn Injury Fluid Resuscitation (Slater estimate)
Burn Injury Fluid Resuscitation, Adult (Parkland crystalloid estimate)
Estimated Blood Volume
Phenytoin Free (Unbound) Drug Level (Adjusted for Hypoalbuminemia)
Phenytoin Total Drug Level (Adjusted for Hypoalbuminemia and Renal Function)
Pneumothorax Degree of Collapse
QT Interval Correction (EKG)
ROX Index (Respiratory rate--oxygenation)
Sodium Concentration Correction for Hyperglycemia (Emmett 2013)(conventional or SI units)
Sodium Correction in Hyperglycemia (Hillier 1999)
Sodium Correction in Hyperglycemia (Katz 1973)
Urine anion gap
Water Deficit in Hypernatremia

  Clinical Criteria

ABCD Rule Predicting Stroke Within 7 Days of a TIA
ABCD2 Score to Predict Stroke Risk after TIA
BAP-65 prediction of in-hospital mortality and need for mechanical ventilation in COPD
CAGE Criteria for Potential Excessive Alcohol Use
Canadian Head CT Rule for Minor Head Injury
Chest Pain Risk Assessment in Patients with Normal Troponin and No ST-T Changes
Chest Pain Score
CIP (Critical Illness Prediction) Score
Community-acquired pneumonia severity index (PSI) for adults
Coronary Artery Disease Risk Clinical Assessment (Duke study)
COVID-19 Criticality Prediction (Yan 3/3/2020)
COVID-19 Inflammation Score for Disease Severity
COVID-19 Kuwait Progression Score
COVID-19 Mortality Risk Estimation (Zhou 3/11/2020)
COVID-19 Quick Severity Index (qCSI)
COVID-19 RISE UP Score for Emergency Department Patients 65 Years Old and Older
COVID-19 Severity by Shock Index and Modified Shock Index
COVID-19 Symptom-Based C19 Rule for Diagnosis
CURB Pneumonia Severity Score
CURB-65 Pneumonia Severity Score
DVT Probability: Ambulatory Score System (Constans, 2003 paper)
DVT Probability: Kahn Score System
DVT Probability: St. Andre Score System
DVT Probability: Wells Score System
Gupta Perioperative Risk Estimate
Heart Failure Diagnosis
Intracranial Bleeding Risk from Thrombolytic Therapy of MI
MEDS Score: Mortality in ER Sepsis
Migraine Screener
Migraine With Aura Diagnostic Criteria
Migraine Without Aura Diagnostic Criteria
Modified Geneva Score for Estimation of the Clinical Probability of Pulmonary Embolism in Adults
MuLBSTA Score to Predict Mortality in Viral Pneumonia
New Orleans Head CT Criteria
Non Q Wave Myocardial Infarction Prediction
Ottawa Ankle Rule for the Use of X-Ray in Ankle Injury
Ottawa Foot Rule for the Use of X-Ray in Foot Injury
Ottawa Heart Failure Rule
Ottawa Subarachnoid Hemorrhage (SAH) Rule
Panic Disorder Screener
PERC Rule for the Assessment of Possible Pulmonary Embolism
Pneumonia Mortality Predictor In the Elderly
Pulmonary Embolism Severity Index (PESI)
Pulmonary Embolism Wells Score
RESP Score for ECMO Survival Prediction
Sequential Organ Failure Assessment (Modified): mSOFA Score
Sequential Organ Failure Assessment (Quick): qSOFA Score
Sequential Organ Failure Assessment: SOFA Score
SMART COP Score for Pneumonia Severity
SMRT CO Score for Pneumonia Severity
Syncope Risk Prediction
TIA Prognosis: Risk of Stroke by 90 Days After Presentation
Unstable Angina Risk Stratification (Piombo)
Unstable Angina Risk Stratification (Solomon)
Westley croup severity score (appropriate for use in children ≤6 years of age)
Wilson Score for Prediction of Difficult Intubation

  Decision Trees

Ectopic Pregnancy Risk Estimation TreeCalc
Heart Failure Clinical Prediction Rule
Inferior Wall Myocardial Infarction Diagnosis TreeCalc
M.I. Prediction Decision TreeCalc
Pittsburgh Knee Rule for X-Ray Evaluation of Knee Injury TreeCalc
Rabies Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) TreeCalc
SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) CDC Case Definition (4/20/2003) TreeCalc
Smallpox Risk Assessment (CDC version 1.0, 2002) TreeCalc



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